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Arthritis Treatment
Arthritis is a chronic inflammation of the joints caused when our immune system instead to defend us, attacks our body. The immune system response may result in connective tissue damage, not only in the joints but also in the vital organs like kidneys, lungs, heart even the brain.

It is a very serious illness, much more devastating than previously recognized. Most patients with arthritis have a progressive disability to the point where performing simple tasks such as walking, brushing the teeth or even using a computer could be a challenge. Unlike osteoarthritis, arthritis can lead to crippling and painful joint deformities, and it can be fatal.

The conventional medical treatment, as usual, tries to suppress the pains and weakens the immune system with powerful drugs like Humira or Enbrel which in long term cause more problems than they solve. Some of the side effects might include tuberculosis infection or even cancer (posted on their websites).

Treating arthritis we have to remember that this is an auto-immune disorder where the immune system is out of balanceā€¦ attacking the body. Which means the key to effectively treat arthritis is to to restore and strengthen the immune system. In order to accomplish that, we need to remove those factors that triggered and pushed the immune system out of balance. This is the root of the problem, this is the key of the whole treatment.

While the joints pain and inflammation are only the symptoms, relieving the pains is an important aspect of treating arthritis. If the pains are not addressed, the patient may enter a depressive cycle that can worsen further his immune function.

The new remedies developed: PAX that treat the pains, and PAXX which treat the pains and inflammation can be used externally, in parallel with the main treatment. In fact, they not only remove the pains, it helps the nerves to heal.

Once the treatment successfully balance and strengthen the immune system the pains, inflammation and all other the symptoms will subside naturally.