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Bacteria are single cell microorganisms that are neither plants or animals. They are everywhere: in soil, water, air, plants, animals and humans. Most bacteria are harmless, but those harmful ones called pathogens, can cause serious diseases like: Gonorrhea, Leprosy, Syphilis, Tuberculosis…

​​​​According to experts, the age of antibiotics is coming to an end. Many strains of bacteria are becoming resistant to strongest antibiotics. Recent reports suggest that by 2050, antimicrobial-resistant infections could consume $100 trillion from the global economy, killing off 10 million people per year - about a death every three seconds.

Common procedures, such as surgeries, a child birth, transplants or therapies that suppress the immune system, including cancer chemo, may be avoided for fear of sparking life-threatening infections. We are quickly approaching a post-antibiotic era where common infections will once again become serious killers.

ABI is a new natural antibiotic. While antibiotics are very specific: Penicillin is effective only for Gram-positive bacteria, because inhibits cell wall synthesis, other antibiotics block protein synthesis, or some essential metabolite… ABI is not specific. ABI works for most types of bacteria. Why? Because it targets the etheric body of bacteria, that bio-energetic field that keep and maintains every biological system (humans, animals) alive. It's like electricity that feeds your computer or TV, if you unplug they are instantly dead.

ABI extraordinary ability to destroy bacteria’s bio-field, makes it impossible for any type of bacteria to adjust, to create remedy/drug resistance, the way it’s happening now with antibiotics. And that makes ABI extremely versatile, it has the potential to wipe out all types of bacteria. If a person is infected with two or more types of bacteria, ABI can kill them all at once, in just one round of treatment.

Let's take septicemia (sepsis) for example, a common hospital-acquired infection, although other illnesses such as bronchitis, pneumonia or kidney infection can also turn septic. Up to 50% of people diagnosed with this condition will die. You're more likely to be stricken by sepsis than by a heart attack. It kills more people than cancer. In fact, septicemia is the primary cause of death from infection worldwide.

“Years ago I underwent a complicated surgery, to remove a few tumours from my neck. In order to do that they had to cut the maxillary. At the end, they used small plates to fix it. In time, bacterial infection developed around the plates and later turned into septicemia. I was told about ABI, and I took it. When they removed the plates, they found just a little pus locally. After the second surgery the doctors recommended strong antibiotics, but I refused, and I took ABI again. What can I say, I was impressed the way ABI worked. The pain, the infection and septicemia they were completely gone.”
Dorina Lucaciu, Ottawa, ON

“Hi Virgil, tonight I just flew back home. What can I say, I feel good. I don't have any symptoms of my sinusitis and my energy is good in spite of travel. I have no medical 'proof' that the bladder infection is gone but I believe that it is. There are no symptoms of it either. Both infections are gone after 12 days of treatment. ABI remedy has worked as expected.”
Sharon Huxford, ​Elk Rapids, MI


In the past I took antibiotics for my bladder infections (E. Coli bacteria). Because antibiotics usually come with lots of side effects, this time I tried ABI, a new and natural remedy. During the ten day treatment I experienced an effective and gradual improvement, with absolutely no adverse effects. I'm truly happy and amazed the way it worked. I would definitely recommend ABI remedy to anyone who has urinary tract infection.”   
Dawn D, Coquitlam BC

"I had a tooth abscess, you know with all the pains, the pounding and the bump. When you have a dental abscess you take it very seriously, you don’t improvise. And I took ABI for a week. It removed fast and smooth the intense neuralgia, the pounding and the infection. The dentist who prescribed the antibiotic showed me on the screen how well it worked, how the infection was totally removed and how clean the area was left. When I told him that I didn’t use the antibiotic at all, but a natural remedy instead, he asked me right away, what’s the name of that remedy?".
Ginel P, Vancouver BC

ABI - The New Antibiotic
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